1999 Toyota Corolla Review – The World’s Best Selling Car

1999 Toyota Corolla Review – The World’s Best Selling Car

Ginny Buckley reviews the ‘World’s Best Selling Car’ – the 1999 model Toyota Corolla, and finds out what makes it such a popular car amongst consumers throug…



ToyotaCelicaDude1 says:

The back end of the estate looks like the back end of a Toyota tercel of
the 80’s in the usa. No joke!

Munib Ahmad says:

looks like an EK civic from the back we dont have those corollas here in
Aus the 99 corolla has a different back here 

FPilotBierce says:

I own a 2001 Chevrolet Prizm sedan (read “saloon”) which is basically a
Corolla with some styling tweaks in addition to the rebadging. But I sort
of like the front end styling of this version better, and am a little
Since I bought it in 2003 I’ve driven over 100,000 miles in it and it’s
done everything I’ve asked of it. If I can get another 11 years of driving
it I’ll be very happy.


Ugly as shit! Thank god this incarnation of atrocity has never came to

MrJohnQCitizen says:

Any idea who the guitarist is?

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