1998 Toyota Corolla Start Up and Review 1.8 L 4-Cylinder

1998 Toyota Corolla Start Up and Review 1.8 L 4-Cylinder

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Gary James says:

I bought a 98 with 66k miles on it for 4,500 2 years ago.
It’s worth it !

Fazlkarim Khan says:

IAm A Toyota Fan Too Cameron And The Corolla Is The Winner

Gabriel G says:

Very nice car! I have one just like it but it is blue. I paid 1200$ and
it’s in almost that condition. On your Corolls, I see the airbag light
flashing! This is not very good!

Darren Persad says:

Man, that’s actually quite a high price for a Corolla of that age, even
considering its overall condition. You see good examples of these in our
area for <$1000.

fanowner12 says:

The last of the really good Corollas before 2014… love the Ciara intro
BTW (:

icedbananatea says:

Struck a CHord hahahaha

Alex Miller says:

Epic music choice! great review!

carpuppy says:

Toyota is awesome, we owned a 1987 Corolla that we bought in 1997 for 4000
bucks. Sold it 10 years later, rusty but good for 1500. We also currently
own a 1992 toyota Previa with 270000km (165000 miles). Toyotas rule!

Thomas Cruz says:

Hell my bro got one for 1800 but still feel he could have made a deal at
And PS for 5 large U can get RWD V8 lincoln LS
On cars.Com

Stephen White says:

Sorry Toyota fans but 5.5k for this is outrageous I don’t see how anyone in
their right mind would spend that much on this

Pierre Grimm says:


Camerons Car Reviews says:

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