1978 Toyota Landcruiser FJ40 Review

1978 Toyota Landcruiser FJ40 Review

This was filmed for a competition SBS was having. It was completely scripted and a shot list was made prior to filming. I made it as a top 20 finalist and wo…



Paul Shafernich says:

And where the hell will you get an FJ40 ’78 for 5 grand, will minimal rust
I would love to know

Petes Boats says:

I know a kid who thinks a Subaru can out perform an fj40… I think he’s
wrong… What do you guys think?

Paul Shafernich says:

Actually if you know your 40 Series, then you would know that in the 78
version, there was a power steering and disk break option 

scaidernet says:

Es un hermoso carro… pero me gustaria saber el cilindraje real que posee
ese carro, por lo que yo tengo uno. es igual, solo que el mio es del año
1974… pero por un error me inscribieron que poseía 1000 cc el motor, pero
eso no es cierto, me gustaria saber el cilindraje real de tu carro…

Donovan Nohl says:

Its a lot like my Jeep, but I would trade my jeep for a FJ40. They are so

Peter Turner says:

6 seats max? With the stock original seats in my 83 FJ40, mine is a
certified 7 seater. 🙂 Nice video clip there UltimaRB, well done.

UltimaRB says:

Yeah, don’t buy these if you’re concerned about fuel efficiency. I
converted mine to LPG and it’s a bit more affordable. Just with 2F motor.

Adam Hodges says:

my dad had one when i was growing up. i always thought it was so cool to be
sitting in the back seat facing the other back seat. except the shocks are
really springy and when u hit a good bump you could do some serious damage
to your cranium via the roll bars.

asd7905 says:

Yas landcruiesr fj40 is the best car for mauntins . I have one

sietepeo1 says:

my country is venezuela actually

landcruisers4life2 says:

again awesome video and awesoem FJ40 but I must tell you youre bezel is
upside down….

gmsyd09 says:

two words, point dexter

symmetry08 says:

you guys nothing else to do buying old toys. Do smthing else Dudes ! Or
else do charity works.

Odierix says:

@UltimaRB it could go higher since your fj40 has such big tires and is very
tall it makes it slower but it looks better with big tires and tall also
this was not built for speed but for power. This car has enough power to
pull an 18 wheeler

MrRekord75 says:

beautiful car

roddy222 says:

Good Video, Yes had a Fj40 and rolled one too. Still love em. Go the

arientoko haryo.pamungkas says:

apik tenan mas dab, neng kene regane isih larang kui, opo maneh sing
diesel…manteb gan !

999Toyotaforlife999 says:

my uncle have 1978, 3.0L inline 4 diesel, it has mastive torque power!! my
uncle getting 31MPG highway and 25MPG city

Nathan Myers says:

@countrylad82 I want to see even a built nissan do what this can do…

sietepeo1 says:

why the japeneses dont keep doing thoses good cars?

Gustavo Garcia says:

10 milles per gallon but it doesn´t care because is part of the history.

dodgyplonk says:

@heyjustthetip are you saying a car is really just a fashion accessory? You

TreesOnTheBeach says:

I realize you wrote the review for competition, but it’s a great review on
its own merits. Nicely done!

Javier Camargo says:

yours FJ40 is beautiful..! congratulations from Venezuela..!

s8f360 says:

to me, fj40 is still luxury…

negriyankee says:

you have a legend, you have a landcruiser!

kop4321 says:

Frames on these things are absurdly well built. If you can keep em rust
free they can last forever. (minor parts replaced of course.) Impossible to
find a nice one in B.C. Might move to Aussie land one day..Ill land my
hands on one then.

NathanH1313 says:

thats a 4×4

feiz01 says:

i have a 90 but ive always loved the look of these things wudnt want to put
the bloody fuel in it though lol,stick to my tdi

Jred126 says:

Great review my friend! I got my land cruiser straight out of high school.
She’s 29 years old now and still running strong! She’s pushing 30 years of
age and still running strong! Makes a great companion here in the Sierra
Nevada mountains 🙂

blackhrholdenute says:

Great vid and even better car! The car perfectly suited to the real
Australia, giving so many Aussies the opportunity to see what our
beautiful, diverse country has to offer. What a true classic! It’s easy to
see why 1 in 10 Landcruisers are owned by Australians! Not hard to tell,
i’m a Landcrusier owning Aussie!

Roman S says:

great video… THANKS!

sandcruiser42 says:

as you can see in my name i drive a landcruiser BJ42 ( diesel ) . I love
that car so much! It never let me down, no matter what! I hope we still can
drive the old cars for a long time because they are REAL cars. The new
plastic computer cars from this time are just sh*t. Like if you agree.

Ragingoutlaw86 says:

i have a hj45 1976 and its 37 years old gunna have a party

nilsatusnisioptimum says:

I really like the fj40, there is one for sale at the classic throttle shop
its a beauty but they want $30k for it!

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