1952 Willys Jeep vs. 1976 Toyota Land Cruiser – Generation Gap: 4x4s

1952 Willys Jeep vs. 1976 Toyota Land Cruiser – Generation Gap: 4x4s

Cast your vote here: http://www.hagerty.com/Articles-Videos/Articles/2014/07/28/Generation-Gap-4X4-1 In the latest episode of Generation Gap, Matt and Davin look at two vehicles that can go…



Brendan Sheehy says:

That land cruiser is one of the most hideous things I have ever seen.

Howard1939 says:

Hey, without the original Jeep, would Toyota have built the Land Cruiser
(Which is out of production, yet Jeep brand still the most popular of
Chrysler products.)… This from one who has owned a 1969 Ford Bronco.. ;-)

ryan flippin says:

Defender 90

Big_Adam_2050 says:

Man, everyone seems to be trashing on this show. No advice to improve just
“this is rubbish, give the money to X show”.

I don’t mind this show, I just think the two guys are a little under
prepared for their little back and forth arguments. When they are on the
road just talking its fine, but while they are stood in front of the cars
in the show room its just slow and lumpy conversation as they both think of
what to say next.

I say chop the music audio down by half, you’re over doing it on the music.
Give the two guys some better notes to work off, and have the road section
longer. The two guys seem to be able to talk to each other well enough,
just in the studio is just slow and lumpy.

3:35 – You can see the gears spinning in their heads as they try to say
what they want/need to. Its just horrible.

Will Dawson says:

I do want an FJ40 one day. Driving a 100 series LX even with 220,000 miles
has given me a new appreciation for how bad ass the cars are. Definitely
the only car I would trust my life to.

Juan Galvis says:

Let’s do another one of these cheesy as fuck Generation Gap shows and!
Here’s the kicker!
It’ll be a 4×4 episode and we won’t take them anywhere near dirt!!!

Fuck this. Get some not rare nor collectable versions of the same thing
next time and give us an actual show, no? Not that I’m paying for it but
you’ve got the fucking cameras and the set and shit, might as well make
something fun to watch. Lol

Please stop driving all of these cars around neighborhoods at 5/10’s.
If your going to compare 4×4’s go off road.
If your going to compare sports cars go to a track or at least set up a
damn autocross in a fucking parking lot.

This kind of shit is only adequate if you’re comparing minivans!

Fuck, I feel much better now sorry for the rant although every word came
from the bottom of my heart.


Qwazer Plok says:

really wished you could have actually done offroading. still pick the

fallen6191q2w says:

76 the first year of disk brakes? They missed the ball. 73 Chevy said DISK
BRAKES on the brake pedal. Wanted to make sure you didn’t forget. Heh

Will_Powell says:

“Kaiser-Jeep” never made Jeeps during WWII. Ford and Willys made them. Who
is this guy?!

delawaredistroyer says:

Everyone please cut the crap. People are lending out there restored
classics for a review to show the classics. If you feel that strongly about
the way they are driven, go spend $50k restoring a car only worth $25k and
give it to them to wreck. Even better, youtube is free, go convince the
classic car owners clubs of your area to loan you there cars to trash for
nothing and do a video yourself. I’m sure they will be lining up there
pride and joys for that massacre. Till then, just enjoy the videos for what
they are and learn about the classics. I’m not trying to piss people off, I
just appreciate what they at MT are trying to do.

TheLazyPanda123 says:

Wtf the episode is about 4×4 vehicles and the tyres don’t even touch dirt!?
What a joke!

angus mccutcheon says:

Davin is GAY. Toyotas r the BEST.

arion45 says:

Please do not go pay to watch

MrKeyboardCommando says:

Bloody hell, that Land Cruiser really does look the business !!!!!!!

golfemperor says:

I would have brought a defender

Dave Solo says:


ajpunisher666 says:

this show sucks dicks !!!!!!!!!!! 

Mundher Al Lawati says:

2015 fj cruiser vs 2015 wrangler sport and take them off roading.. 

doubletapproductions says:

What the Hell is the point system???

SodaWolf1 says:

How fast is the Willys? Either way it’s a tie I like both.

bezor Ta says:

I can understand the appeal of Willy’s Jeep. But not so much so that it
wins over that Land Cruiser. It’s just too old and bare bone. Has no kind
of comfort and would be no joy ride for any longer drive than 50 miles, if
even that. The Land Cruiser is both old school and offers enough off road
and on road capability to be the winner. But that is my opinion.

RollinOnDemDubz says:

Next Episode: WW2 Tank vs. Volvo

roywhiteo5 says:

this is a slap in the face to all of us who are waiting for a new episode
of dirt everyday. these guys are boring as shit

bmwmsport11 says:

The show is boring. No offense but watching 2 guys argue which vehicle is
better is lame…sorta like Top Gear USA cause there’s no action. Be like
Road Kill or Dirt Everyday and actually do something with the cars. Take
them offroad. Race them. Modify them. Show features on them. Don’t be like
Consumer Reports and sit there talking about cars.

JeepCollector91 says:

I love them both. They can both be built up the same way and handle the
same terrain though in stock form, the Willy’s will fit in the bed of a
’73-’87 Chevrolet/GMC full size pick-up and is a great alternative to those
expensive new UTV side-by-sides.

riptide airsoft says:


LuminatX says:

Willys won before the video even started! 

66tbird1 says:

The Toyota I’d take camping and the Willys I’d only show and store. I’m
practical nowadays so the Toyota is my vote.

EmofacePS3 says:

the jeep is better

weirdstuffanimation7 says:

Kinda lame to pick 2 off road cars then not take them off road. “Because
they are too special” WELL Next time get ones that work not ones that sit
in museums.

Jive Turkey says:


greydragon70 says:

Such a difficult choice. I love them both.

tyler5310 says:

Those little Toyotas are awesome! At my girlfriends hunting camp, they use
one just like that, in worse condition though. Still runs like a champ. 

Tim Royal says:

Isn’t Matt cheating by bringing older classics?? He needs to get his facts
in order on his classics. The FJ was originally commissioned by the US
Military as well in occupied Japan and is a beefier copy of its
competition. Sorry, I have to go with the FJ40 in all categories.

bubanzizwag pnw says:

This has got to be the worst show on motor trend 

Bullseye says:

I think the guys from motor trend should save the money from making this
crappy show and put it into the shows like ignition, dirt every day, or

Duane Hallgren says:


Levan Chelidze says:

I think Jeep is better, I think every WW II Allied countries *love Jeep*

butlerproman says:

Not to jump on the hate-wagon, but the critics are right. To not take
these off-roaders off road is like a Miss America pageant without the
swimsuit competition. You know we didn’t come to hear their views on world
peace or listen to them play the violin. I believe it was Dirt Every Day
that did a comparison between an old Jeep and a modern side-by-side where
they actually went on dirt roads and climbed hills and navigated rocky
terrain. Surely they could have found a couple of vehicles that were
actually used as intended so they wouldn’t have to worry about a little
dust and mud.

STAG162 says:

I see these vids are getting more dislikes as they go on. Personally I’d
take the Toyota because of the following they have. The Willys is still
collectable but vastly outdated even though it has a ‘grand’ military
background. Even though these 4×4’s are both collector’s items and you
don’t wanna ruin them, you should have still put them over the rough stuff
for a proper, unbiased test where tougher questions and more relevant
categories could be levelled at both vehicles. Either that or choose some
less-collectible pre/post 1974 fourbies and thrash them, then redo the

rmartino631 says:

Stop this shitty show show us roadkill or something else

ChronicConnoisseur says:

gotta go with the willys jeep

asdjfnljn3 says:

How is this “fair”? How can someone argue with a military Jeep compared to
a consumer vehicle. This is absolutely absurd! If they are comparing the
vehicles like this, at least compare it to a HUMVEE.

Janno Huberts says:

This is bullshit….. Piep….. Bit late….

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