1000HP Toyota Supra Review- The Car of Our Generation?

1000HP Toyota Supra Review- The Car of Our Generation?

We finally made it. The most requested car for over three years- we finally have our hands on a beautiful Real Street Built Toyota Supra. Owned by Javier of ThatRacingChannel, originally we…



ThatDudeinBlue says:

“David PLZ Review a Sup…”

HA. Gotcha. Too late.

DoctaM3 says:

This has been such a long time coming. The opening is so sweet. I saw it go
live earlier and wanted to wait until I got home to really digest it and
wow! Yea, all I will say is WOW. Where do you go from here? I have a pretty
good idea and it only gets better. Damn, those crane shots are serious.
LOVE them. UGH that turbo… dang!! 76mm…

Bobby Daytona says:

Wonder if he ever gets pulled over doing pulls like this in his reviews.
Would be a great episode to talk about that since everyone likes cop
stories :D

ThatDudeinBlue says:
Tj Hunt says:

Congrats on finally getting your hands on a Supra David! Best Review yet!

SpeirsTheAmazingHD says:

I would paint it white if I owned it!

the tomanator says:

“Dude I almost had you”

Evan Shanks says:


datNERO17 says:

You should review the BMW E46 M3 sometimes. if you can even find one lol

13blackdiego says:

David plz review a 2013 Mustang GT in grabber blue. You haven’t done that
one yet right? 

yungtakumi says:

toyota trannys are unkillable, especially the older ones

Vicious Nutricious says:

Finally now all you need to review is a r35 gtr! (Sarcasm)

Joe11Blue says:

One of my favorite cars. Toyota, please bring back the Inline 6.

subaruwrxfan says:

So sweet! So glad to see you finally got to review a Supra David, and an
epic one at that! I mean holy crap that must have been insane to drive. I
dunno how you kept a straight face during those pulls haha. I was getting
giddy just sitting here hearing that thing spool up haha.

HIboostRaceClubRAWHD says:

Not only can you SEE that this Supra is done right, you can HEAR it too, it
sounds so healthy. Awesome review! Finally did a Supra lol

Mac Mosc says:

judging by the music you put in the beginning of your music videos do you
go to raves/festivals?

Toni Sukles says:

David and Javier pull up on a red light. A brand new a Ferrari 458 Spyder
pulls alongside.
David- ” Nice car. What’s the retail price on that?
Douche in a Ferrari- “More than you can afford pal. Ferrari
Javier- “Smoke him!”

Arinna~ says:

Now you have to review a R34 GT-R !

Dom TheDominator says:

Well now what do we pester David to review?! Haha

✱AT Productions✱ says:

how much is this supra like if he sold it how much would it go for?

TC9700Gaming says:

Congrats on getting to review a Supra!! Always been one of my favorite cars
for sure!

Vishad R says:

Now just drive Rob Dahm’s 3 rotor 

Steven Hage says:

What rear spoiler is that?

Mid Ohio Valley Car Enthusiast says:

What an amazing opportunity David. Ive driven a couple 500-600hp cars and
felt they were totally out of control. I imagine 1000+ is almost unusable.
Did you find yourself doing mostly 3rd and 4th gear pulls? Figured 1st and
2nd gear were worthless. ha ha

DDkong551 says:

Hey Guys! I just got a new 2007 civic si and was wondering what mods/tune
ups I could do to make it perform better?
Please leave the brand name of parts too

Allen Garcia says:

I want to see him review a 97-99 mitsubishi gsx or gst

olbear303 says:

Stock Coyotes are in the 8’s now too. fun fact

LifeRocket7 says:

YESSSSSSSSSS. It would be sick to get a review of a RX-7, NSX, Carerra GT,
and maybe, just MAYBE a Ferarri 599GTO. If you’re in Houston for any of
these, I’d love to roll passenger! If not I’ll just follow you around on
the bike lol.. 

Todd Daniel says:

My legs twitch everytime he goes to shift. So used to shifting by sound
playing this on a tv with surround sound is Makin me cray. Lol time to take
the skyline for a cruise and get my fix.

NearCry91 says:

The Supra was in production till 2002.

weyo14 says:

granny shifting not double clutching , like you should

Riley Nelson says:

Definitely not a fan of those wheels. Look like something you could pick up
at sketchy shop for $100.

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