ᴴᴰ Caterpillar D8 VS 20 Toyota’s!

ᴴᴰ Caterpillar D8 VS 20 Toyota’s!

A great event that took place in Geilenkirchen, Germany. To bad the Caterpillar had a wrong gear!?



Vee6watchman says:

That 1 old, asthmatic, Cat D8 with engine and power plate in poor
condition, questionable power-on technique applied makes as much pulling
power as 17 or 18 Toyota 4x4s. Could they repeat that demo with a new D8

Buick Bubba says:

Good way to destroy your clutch….

05 Impreza STI says:

So this is what Todd Hoffman is doing these days

dougslittlediesel says:

A D8 is nothing .Go up against a DD12 STRIP MINE CRAWLER. or a Eaton N14
V16 mountain mover.

onyourbikeuoldfart says:

The Cat driver was crapp !!!

John Myers says:

I would rather push a Cat
Any day than drive a Toyota!

paulo aldinei de castro says:

O operador da D8 não acelerou o suficiente, Se desse giro no motor apesar
de ter menos potencia que os 20 Toyotas, Seu peso e tração fariam toda a

james marshall says:

Thats a D-8 and a D-9 has only 400 horse but of course its geared to the
hilt and weighs 49 tons… The jeep type vehicles combined have 2000 horses
and have some low gearing, D-9 would be better competion

Chess PlayerElite says:

They’re Jeeps, not Toyotas, and you misspelled “TOO”

Roland Renno says:

That D8 is one heck of a weak machine. Its engine is stalling and stalling
PLUS the driver is an idiot. He’s not giving it FULL throttle so the torque
isn’t there when needed.


runningcolt says:

was not 100% fair..the D8 having his blaid raised like that lifted the
front end and minimized the traction..

jawsrock1 says:

So remember kids: if you find a stuck D8, just grab at least 20 Toyotas and
you can pull it right out. Something tells me this was Landcruiser club
and this guy shows up with his D8 all drunk and running his mouth. Fun
video though.

Casey Hoefer says:

all hail the mighty ’53 D8

dmsentra says:

Power wasn’t a factor when the tracks were “spinning”.

Nick Oaks says:

Haha, this video is awesome.

Joe Schmo says:

What the hell did they expect…there was 20 of’em? Now…if there were
woman driving it may have been a different story!,

TheGreatRuckus says:

The OLD bulldozer would’ve won with a better driver. 

Claudia Toledo says:

D11T +20 TOYOTAS Kill ToYotas…

Nine says:

I would like to see 50 Toyota’s or Jeeps,or any 4wd vehicle against a new
D11 Cat Dozer.My money is on the Dozer.This Dozer was has worn out tracks
and engine.

Stuart Swan says:

That’s a pretty old D8. It’s even got a manual clutch. New D11 would have
been a fairer match.

Mike Breedlove says:

Lets a bigger cat on there instead of that D8 lets put a D10 on lets make
that more interesting

Scott Ewing says:

It took 20 Toyota’s effort. The crowd was cheering, why?

Ricky Garrett says:

at least the old cat put up a fight and showed what she could do 

FSstudios1 says:

were those toyotas meant to compete with the jeep?

Eduardo M says:

How many will it be needed for D11T?? 200 Toyotas?

Sohave says:


grebnesor lee ripper says:

if at least a d8k…

Charles Harris says:

Nice old Land Cruisers!

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